Saturday, November 09, 2013

Frantic mind in the Frenzied hunt of dreams

I looked up the heavens, sunken deep in my fathomless willies. Apprehension, anxiety, deprivation, dejection, subordinacy has been rolling in my mind throughout these days. I was told of a jinx, feared it was, capable of crushing even the most enduring fortitude. I feared, it had afflicted upon my sanity. I try to rise up again & again dwindling every time. Fate spitfires, crushes me onto my knees, sucks me up like the dry desert sucking up the rain.

Feeble, trembling, shadowed dreams amid eruptions of emotions. Helpless, I stand gazing heavenly objects in this drippy place. Heaven up above, there has to be something which would fade off this anxiety. There would be a time soon when the moment would be blissful again, when my frenzied hunt of dream would come to an end. I gaze up again crossing my fingers for a specter to fall upon from the sky hitting me up taking me to a place of eternal jubilation.