Monday, June 04, 2012

Los Angeles Trip April 2012

Participants :- Bishal Acharya, Nishikar sapkota, Dinesh Bajracharya, Anjana Shakya, Umang Amatya, Krishna Prasad Shrestha

Start destination Las Vegas Nevada : Bus stop at Ballys Hotel & casino
Target Destination : Downtown Los Angeles California

Having lived in Las Vegas for quite a few months. The harbinger, Spring break, has finally arrived calling for a change. This break we have planned to visit Los Angeles in California.

Venues selected to make a trip :

Universal studios Hollywood
Downtown Los Angeles
Santa Monica Beach
Venice Beach

The pick of the spot was undoubtedly Universal Studios.

House Of Horrors
Shreak 4d
Terminator 3d
Simpsons Ride
Jurassic Park
King Kong 3D
Universal Studios Ride
Water World
Animal World
Revenge of the Mummy : The indoor Roller Coaster

We opted to book a hotel in Inglewood California . Although an hour drive to Hollywood it suited us simply because it was cheap. However, the location failed to catch our attention because the place looked rustic full of people with shabby clothes. I did not expect the first impression of California to be this. However, we were hopeful that things would be far better the next day at Universal Studios. To my surprise at inglewood restaurants were all shut down by 10 o'clock. The next day we took a bus to Hollywood. We could at least thank GPS in our cell phones without which we could have been in trouble locating bus stations and our destination. Universal studios was simply awesome. We had a lot of fun. The place was an inspiration to people who admire science. I simply loved the virtual reality of Simpsons ride. King Kong 3D and Jurassic park were also awesome. I don't get enough words admiring people who have made this amazing place for entertainment. All of us got a chill in our spines when we fell vertically down in the Jurassic park fall more than 100 ft high. Although I was expecting Revenge of the Mummy to be an outdoor Roller Coaster, It was not. It was a speedy indoor roller coaster. It was fun considering Umang who had kept his eyes shut throughout.

After Universal studios, the next day we went to santa monica beach. It was also a very good experience for all of us. Considering whatever fun we had in these two days, I wished my country Nepal although naturally rich  had some places like Universal Studios.

Returned back to Las Vegas after an exciting two days trip in LA.

Los Angeles

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My Travel directory : Places I have been to

Traveling is fun. Most of the people like to travel and I am a no objection to this. I have started this post so that I could write down the places I have visited. Few decades after, I think this article would be the one I shall cherish the most.

Although, traveling has been my passion, I haven't had the opportunity till date to travel to many parts of the world that has remained in my mind as dreams.  When I was a child, I regret I was unable to do any traveling at all. I was born in a city called Biratnagar in Nepal and I did not even go to other city until I was 10 years of age when I made my debut of traveling to a different city called Dharan in Nepal. Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal was on the lucky cards when I got a chance to witness her when I was studying in class seven. My cousins marriage was the auspicious occasion why I made that trip. I still remember catching a black Tampu in kalanki [ The Tampu I regret has perished from the history ] upto Baneshwor.

So, Here I am at Kathmandu. It was really fun and as a 11 year old boy, I enjoyed each and every moment I witnessed there. I still remember those days as clear as a crystal. So, my travel history thus started. I went to eastern part of Nepal Jhapa to attend my mama's wedding during same time. Now was the time I had to make some serious travel. I went to Japan in 2008 when I was 23 years of age. The midway destination to japan was Incheon Korea, the transit place for my destination.This was my first international travel. While in Japan I lived in Wakkanai, Hokkaido but also traveled to Rumoi, Soya Misaki, Sapporo and Tokyo. I returned back to Nepal on 2009 but was lucky again to step in Hongkong on the way.

Although I have been to India, I don't want to include it as my international travel because India was too close to my city. We used to go to an Indian town called Gojbani in bicycle when we were children's.

Here I am back to Nepal. Although two years from now, I would not make any international travel but I did make some wonderful travels in Nepal while working in D2Hawkeye Services Pvt Ltd. I went to Chitwan, Dhulikhel, Pokhara, KavrePalanchowk, SindhuPalchowk. I also did my first Bungy jump during this time above the Bhotekoshi river. Now, on January 9 2012, I am at Tribhuwan International airport KTM waiting for Qatar airways flight to Doha Qatar. I am on my way to United States, the country I had dreamt of going to. Doha airport was fun as there were many Nepali workers there. Seemed like a mini Nepal to me. The next transit being one of my favorite countries Germany. This is another country I really dream of exploring. I stepped in Frankfurt but could not explore its history. 

From Germany, I took a flight of Delta Airlines to United States. Michigan was officially the first state in USA that I stepped on. So here starts the states count. I shall try to preserve the states and city I have been to in United states.

1st state : Michigan [Detroit] 2012 January

2nd state : Nevada - Las Vegas [The Sin City I have been living in]
Places in Nevada : Cities : Las Vegas | Boulder City | Henderson Red Rock Canyon : December 2012 | Valley of Fire : November 2012 | Mount Charleston : December 2012 & January 2011 | Hoover Dam | Lake Mead | Wynn Resorts | Encore | Bellagio | Caesars Palace | Venetian | Excalibur | Luxor | Mandalay Bay | New York New York | Planet Hollywood | Bally's | Flamingo | Cosmopolitan | Aria Rosorts & casino | Rio | Palazzo | Treasure Island

3rd State : Arizona [Hoover Dam] 2012 March

Williams City Arizona
Grand Canyon : December 22 2012

4th state : California
Los Angeles [I went there in 2012 Spring : Universal studios, Santa Monica Beach, Inglewood]
Death Valley : 27 December 2012
5th State : Utah - St. George & Zion National Park 2012 May
6th state :
7th state :
Oregon : Portland, Pendleton
8th state :
Washington : Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Spokane, kent
9th state :
Texas : Houston, Dallas 10th state :
Illinois : Chicago, Naperville 11h state :
Indiana : Indiana Sand Dunes 12th state :
Wisconsin : Wis Dells 13th state :
Michigen : Lake Superior, Holland 14th state :
Missouri : St. Louis, Meramec Caverns 15th state :
Kansas : Kansas city 16th state :
Pennsylvania : Harrisburg, Hersheys 17th state :
New Jersey : 18th state :
New York : New York City 19th state :
Virginia : Washington DC 20th state :
Maryland : Baltimore 21st state :
California : Orange County, Irvine and the counter goes on... Serious Travel destinations on the cards are listed below. I would be happy If someone can advise me some really good pristine traveling places.

1. Iceland
2. England
3. Germany
4. Galapagos-Equador
5. Egypt - The pyramids
6. Italy - Venice & Sicily
7. maldives - Islands

I wish the counter moves ahead........

Program to calculate number of digits in an integer & sum of numbers of an integer

The following C++ program calculates the the number of digits in a given integer and the sum of all digits of an integer.

 #include <iostream>  
 #include <cmath>  
 using namespace std;  
 /*@author Bishal Acharya  
 The idea of summing the numbers in an integer is to take  
 a division of the number from ones to final units of the number  
 and then take a modulo against 10*/  
 class SumOfInteger {  
  int number;  
  public :  
  int getSummation(int);   
  int numberOfDigits(int);  
 /*Gets the number of digits in an integer. Have to make  
 sure that we dont calculate log value of 0 */  
 int SumOfInteger::numberOfDigits(int number){  
  int digits = 0;  
  digits = floor(log10(abs (number != 0 ? number :1))) +1;  
  return digits;  
 /*Returns the sum of numbers in an integer*/  
 int SumOfInteger::getSummation(int number){  
  int noOfDigits;  
  noOfDigits = numberOfDigits(number);  
  int sum =0;  
  int power =0;  
  for(int i=0; i< noOfDigits; i++){      
   power = pow(10,i);  
   sum = sum + (number / power) % 10;  
  return sum;  
 int main(){   
  int number = 0;  
  cout << "Enter the number :";  
  cin >> number;  
  int sum =0;  
  SumOfInteger sumObj;  
  sum = sumObj.getSummation(number);  
  cout << "The sum of the integer numbers :" << sum << endl;  

Output of the given program :-
Enter the number : 123
The sum of the integer numbers : 6

Alternative program to calculate number of digits in an number :-

 using namespace std;  
 int main(){  
  int number = 0;  
  cout << "Enter the number" << endl;  
  cin >> number;  
  int count;  
  while(number !=0){  
    number = number/10;  
  cout << "The number of digits in the number is :" << count;  

Program to reverse the digits in the given number. For eg :- if given number is 123 then the reversed value should be 321

 using namespace std;  
 int main(){  
   int number = 0;  
   cout <<"enter the number :"<< endl;  
   cin >> number;  
   int reverse = 0;  
   while(number !=0){  
     reverse = reverse*10 + number%10;  
     number = number%10;  
 cout <<"The reversed number is :" << reverse;  

Benchmarks in Java program : Time it took to calculate number of digits in a number with log approach and with while loop approach.

 public static void main(String[] args) {  
           int number = 0;  
           int temp = 0;  
           Random rnd = new Random();  
           int range = 1;  
           while (range < 10) {  
                number = rnd.nextInt();  
                temp = number;  
                System.out.print("Number :" + number + "TimeWhile :");  
                // approach with while loop  
                int count = 0;  
                long now = System.nanoTime();  
                while (number != 0) {  
                     number = number / 10;  
                System.out.print((System.nanoTime() - now) / 1000);  
                now = System.nanoTime();  
                double count1 = (Math.log10(Math.abs(temp) == 0 ? 1 : temp)) + 1;  
                System.out.print(": Timelogarithmic :" + (System.nanoTime() - now)  
                          / 1000);  

Output benchmark for 10 random numbers:-

 Number :279590619TimeWhile :2: Timelogarithmic :40  
 Number :878851661TimeWhile :1: Timelogarithmic :3  
 Number :1617859989TimeWhile :1: Timelogarithmic :3  
 Number :195513660TimeWhile :1: Timelogarithmic :7  
 Number :2024673675TimeWhile :1: Timelogarithmic :3  
 Number :478104225TimeWhile :1: Timelogarithmic :3  
 Number :417156389TimeWhile :1: Timelogarithmic :3  
 Number :-104604112TimeWhile :1: Timelogarithmic :3  
 Number :-516925116TimeWhile :3: Timelogarithmic :4  

The benchmark with Java program suggests that while loop approach of dividing the number by 10 each time gives a better response than using the inbuilt logarithmic and absolute functions.

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