Monday, January 07, 2013

Moirai - An unknown journey Part - 1

Filmography : Videos taken in Nevada - USA

The Prelude :-

The story begins with some passionate vagabond who happen to meet with each other accidentally on their venture to an unrevealed land. Pratik, portrayed as a guy who has lived his life in seclusion. On a remote US95 route, four other guys come across with one another. Bishal, Ashish, Ravi and Krishna. Krishna came from the south-most city of the continent. He seemed to be more constrained & secretive than others, whereas the other three were hippies living their life rambling all over the world.
Out of the four, Ashish was the most cautious of all. He and Bishal were born in the same city. He had reluctantly accepted Bishal's offer to travel to the desolate land. On the other hand, Ravi was the guy who was daring yet outspoken. He was the forerunner in the group. Over the period of small time these guys got along with each other rather well. But, destiny would take them through some unforeseen events when they will come across many other people, some humane while others iniquitous. Destiny would leave upon them to unravel the veiled impersonator.

The Union :-

The Four people : Bishal, Ravi, Ashish & Krishna walked upwards towards the forbidden mountain. The place was forbidden and rumors said that the woods there would wake up in the midst of the full moon. The place was supposedly haunted & ruled by the mystical creatures. Rumors had no effect on Ravi & Bishal. But instinctively Ashish suspected. Although, Ashish wanted them to return back, They convinced him in believing that the rumors were all fake, barely though.

The trails took them to a hamlet at the foot of the high snowy mountains. There, they encountered other four wayfarers, Kishor ,Kabindra , Mahesh , & Surendra. These guys were travelers in search of virgin lands. Kishor was the most hilarious of all. He was a humorist and always searched for ways to make people laugh. He was a collector of ancient effigies. Human effigies with masked faces. He cherished his collection more than anything in the world. Surendra was a horse-rider as daring as Ravi. Kabindra being the reticent of all came together with Kishor. Mahesh, had joined their group during an earlier voyage when they happened to meet in a similar sequence as today. Mahesh was placid at convene, however, he was more than what the others thought about him. Only time will unravel their actual characters.

The travelers got along benignly throughout. They decided to take the trails up to the woods after few days. For the next few days, they decided to stay at the foot of the mountains for respite and accruing energy for the rest of their journey. The companions relished, cheered and had fun the other day. But through the gloomy shade of the dark forest somebody was keeping an eye on them. The companions were oblivious of the sinister who was following them throughout the trails.

The day of setting foot on the woods :-

The fate had summoned upon them. The day arrived when they would climb up the mountains through the unsung woods. The companions decided to climb up the sierra but the foul weather inhibited their way up. The blizzard took them to different neck of the woods severed from each other. Earlier, prognosticating the poor weather, severely impeding their movements, Bishal had decided to retreat at the half way up the mountain and wait until the weather calmed down. He had expected the others to halt and climb down instead of moving upwards because the weather was too substandard for any movement. However, his suspicion wasn't going to transpire. He waited & waited for others to climb down and meet him but in vain.

As the weather calmed down, he sat in a dead log exhausted, weathered, distressed, disconsolate, dismal, somber and most notably alone, contemplating ...............!

What really happened to them ? Where was Ashish ? Were they at the mercy of foul weather, the shadowy woods and unrelenting snow ? Different questions were coming out of Bishal's mind. But the most important of all was "were they all safe" & "will they ever come back ?"

........... To be Continued in part -2

Movie has been made based on this happening