Friday, October 14, 2011

Could only be replicated to 0 nodes, instead of 1 Hadoop 0.20.2

could only be replicated to 0 nodes, instead of 1 is a common problem we encounter in hadoop time and often.

I faced this problem in my single node hadoop cluster. When I surfed in the internet for possible answer, I was taken to hadoop's website HowToSetupYourDevelopmentEnvironment. The hadoop wiki was making suggestions to erase all HDFS data and reformat it. The suggestion was far from being pragmatic that we have to reformat our cluster for any potential problem in HDFS. Imagine we have a production cluster and we have to reformat it.

Steps to Fix :

Issue df command to view the space available in each Linux mount we have and more specifically the mount hadoop is in.

[root@bishal hadoop-0.20.2]# df -kh

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hdg3 143G 135G 0M 100% /
/dev/hdg1 99M 11M 83M 12% /boot
none 2.0G 0 2.0G 0% /dev/shm

Upon issuing this comand I found that my filesystem had no disk space available. The inability of hadoop write in HDFS was due to insufficient disk space. Freed some disk space and the problem was solved.

Issue Linux command to empty Recycle bin

[root@bishal hadoop-0.20.2]# rm -rf ~/.Trash/*rm

Now recheck the disk space. Delete some unnecessary files in your FileSystem if upon emptying Recycle bin not enough space is freed. Enough disk space should be freed to let hadoop write files in HDFS. If the block size for hadoop is 128MB, make sure we have fread at least 128MB of disk space.

Now run your MapReduce job. The problem with should be fixed.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

poisoned ethics and tainted professionalism : Politicians of Nepal

Its the day when it all started. The situation around me was provocative to some people while for others it was just another opportunity to remain in and around power. The struggle has begun, It is seen as a class struggle between those who were always at power and occupying the resources for long time and those who were always lagging behind in all aspects be it social, political or economical. There is always this difference which causes disturbance. In nature, when there is this difference in proportion at the rate of consuming and the rate of producing then there is natural disturbance and someone has to perish in order to maintain this order, in this case it might be the producer or the consumer.

Nepal is going through this phase, the suppression and dominance of certain clan and class has reached saturation level. Moreover, the increase in political awareness amongst the masses and ever contracting information gap has fueled revolt. This time it seems like the country is in a stage of fragmentation, people have started fighting amongst each other, everyone is representing some class and sector and they have almost forgot they are Nepalis first before being from any class and sector. Although its a natural process which has occurred in almost all part of the world and its just recent that Nepal is facing this problem.Certainly there has to be an end to this destruction. Someone has to win, either the revolutionaries and patriots or the corrupts who in the name of democracy and political freedom has sucked the blood from the fellow countrymen since ages. Its the last chance for the corrupts, to win this battle and will try to give whatever power they have to win.Now this has become the battle between the poor the suppressed and the suppressors. The UML and Congress are seen as the ones carrying old traditional thoughts and are reluctant to change whereas the Maoists who are portrayed as destructor's, the violators of law by them have brought radical political thoughts and ideas.Is it just that the Maoists want to change the economic and political system of Nepal or they have other motives as well? Although its a daunting task for them its not an impossible task. But, what we have seen of Maoists up until now, Its easier for the commoners to see them as no different than Nepali Congress or CPN UML. This time they have the support of the mass next time who knows. Nevertheless, we cannot undermine the class which do wants change and wants the state to recognize them after decades of oppression. There are people like Vijay Gachhadar, K.P Oli, Bidya Bhandari, Madhab Nepal, Bhim Rawal, Sushil koirala, Ramchandra Paudel, KhumBahadur Khadka, Govinda Raj Joshi, Bharat Mohan Adhikari,j.p Gupta, Rajendra mahato, Sarad singh Bhandari, Govinda Raj Joshi, Mahanta Thakur, Hridayesh Tripathi and most of the politicians who have been involved in crime and corruption of some sort in the past.Can we expect peace and progress with these politicians still intact as rulers ? But the fate of the country is such that these parasites keep on germinating and do not perish no matter how fragile is the condition of the nation. The country is entangled at the moment with these parasites, and they will leave no stone unturned to suck blood from the people. Its the time when people have to take power in their hands and should penalize the felons hiding in the curtain of democracy, but the big question lies here how ? people dont want yet another war. The justice has to attained. The verdict should be made but in peaceful democratic manner.

Certainly its not an easy task to eliminate these looters, but one day or another the day of justice will come and people wont forgive them then. They have to suffer each and every bit of pain they have given to the people. The history of mankind is the evidence that bad never wins no matter how much it tries to hide in the skin of truth and humanity. Madhab Nepal as such has created history in the history of Nepal as being the most corrupt and morally degraded figure. He seemed to be worst than the panches and mandales in the kings regime, Although the panches and mandales were tyrants and oppressors but they would never compromise their dignity in front of foreigners. But, Madhab Nepal seemed to be in a great mood in pleasing whosoever involved in making him the PM.

Apparently when I had completed my plus 2 and came to Kathmandu along with many other students throughout the country with dreams of being doctors and engineers. It was then when although having given heart out many of the students couldn't be doctors and get scholarships simply because along with us giving exam was academically weaker but being the daughter of Madhab Kumar Nepal who pleaded in front of India for giving scholarships to her daughter taking the right of many other brilliant students. He has been continually doing similar act of ethical and moral corruption since then be it the case when his under-qualified bureaucrat was sent to Hongkong who has been under lime light of corruption and complain since then. He has been successful in taking his wife to a senior post of Nepal Bank Limited and also was engaged in bringing his brother to singha durbar in his reign as PM of Nepal. His brother in law being an officer in CIAA is an evidence of him being a king of nepotism. When I was in Japan, He was on a trip to it as well. There many of the UML cadres left the party seeing his greediness. He had been to a shopping Mall where he had been continually pressurizing the cadres to buy him whichever materials he saw. Seeing a greedy person, who was then the chief of UML many people left the party. The country was yet to forget the betrayed Mahakali Treaty when it had to face the same person again. People of country has to bear in their mind that It is Madhab Nepal who said that he is not in favor of Constituent assembly when he was PM. It is not a big surprise to us because we had never sent him to make the constitution. The people now are capable of understanding who are real leaders and who are the masquerades. People from two areas slapped him in election but what a fate of the country? It still had to bear his moral corruption for more than an year. Relieved at last now when the PM is Baburam Bhattarai. During his tenure, People felt as if they were living in a country where there were no ethics, where there were no morality.Be it the case with his minister Karima Begam slapping a CDO or another minister Chanda Chaudhary breaking glass of the public vehicle. The worst part of these incidents were that Madhab Nepal never showed a sign of shame and repugnance. He was bold as ever. Evidently with such incidents, Nepal was declared most corrupt country in Asia. Adding insult to injury, he removed Ansari, state minister simply because he had won in CA elections, making the cabinet a mockery to democracy. Democracy is a system where elected people are to rule a nation. But, here the case was different. Madhab Nepal made a history again, in making a cabinet a nest of loosers in CA election. Never in the history of any country such a drama had been seen, when people were ruled by losers. Bidya Bahndari, shankar pokhrel, Madhab Nepal, Sujata Koirala all were losers in the election.. But to the good fate of them and the bad fate of the country, these people ruled out by the general public came to power once again. Simply disgusting. With communist in tag behind him, It was he who removed the pictures of Marx and Lenin when American ambassador Milinosky was on a visit to Balkhu. His period as a PM marks as the most unethical and corrupt In the history of our country.

Monetary corruption does not affects much as does the moral corruption. The morally corrupt is an extremist who is similar to an idol, it has no feeling, no love, no affection and it does not feels what is happening in and around him. I wont say that people like Madhab Nepal are most dangerous to this nation but I would certainly say that poisoned ethics and tainted professionalism as his is the most dangerous thing prevalent in political leaders in Nepal, because the disease they are carrying has no cure. And it has great probability of transferring to people around him.Its the fate of our nation we keep on producing people like him, our society should bear the responsibility in not being able to teach ethics to our leaders. The society should have been sterilized before it could have given birth to him. As his height, and mustache his heart is narrow too, In fact the narrowest in our country. Cursed by a widow, the country has to suffer its fate, and time and again people like him will be born in this land.

I might seem pretty harsh towards a person when there are so many like him in Nepal. The reason why I chose Madhab Kumar Nepal for the topic was simply because he suits best for the topic. Although there are many other Madhab Nepal alike politicians masquerading in the name of democracy, My intention here is to let fellow Nepali know of characters that resembles Madhab Nepal. The article represents my personal view and I might have to bear different tags when viewers read it. Please feel free to express your own opinion about politicians in Nepal.

Nepali Unicode Converter,Type in Nepali

Nepali Unicode Converter.Type in Nepali

Type the words in Roman characters below to get the Unicode Nepali equivalent of the same. The given application is a simple Nepali Unicode converter which returns Nepali Unicode characters for a given set of Roman characters. I will follow up with detailed usage instructions to type properly in Nepali hereafter.

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